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If you are in need of decent, but affordable handyman services, Merton Local Handyman is the one to call. They are excellent at what they do, and they do not charge outrageous rates.

  • Haley G.

The work from the handyman was completed neatly and was precise. He had a keen eye for detail and didn't disappoint. Merton Handymen get a big tick in my book!

  • S. Burns

There were a few small repairs that needed doing at my home and which I kept putting off. I finally decided I wouldn't bother doing those myself and just contacted Local Handyman Services Merton . They sent me a handyman the very next day and he saw to all the repairs. Couldn't have done it better myself!

  • Edward W.

It wasn't difficult to find a grouting service that I could afford thanks to Merton Handyman Company. They were very efficient and worked quickly. My bathroom looks brilliant and it's like having a whole new home!

  • Jennifer W.

The walls were peeling and my house looked dull. I had been considering re-painting the walls to give the house a new look. With a low budget I wondered if I could hire someone for painting and decorating. Not only did Local Handyman Merton agree to complete the task within my budget but they also did a fantastic job. My pale green walls have now been changed to white and blocks of red. Brilliant new look, I totally love it. I am looking forward to inviting some friends over for dinner next week, I can't wait to hear what they say about the new look.

  • Shelley B.

Local Handyman Services Merton are an excellent company to work with. Offered me great advice when it came to my home improvement jobs and were always very professional. The work did take longer than anticipated but I wasn't charged extra for this and I will definitely recommend them to others.

  • Peter Carpenter

I hired Merton Handyman Company to carry out a few home repairs for me, and I'm extremely happy that I choose them. The price I paid was excellent and after I had seen the excellent results I was amazed at the value for money provided. There is no doubt that this company offers the best home repair service in the area, and I will never bother using any other company again!

  • Sean Andrews

Local Handyman Merton did some property maintenance work for me on my rental house and they did a great job. From fixing the roof to staining the decking the various tasks that needed attention were dealt with fast and efficiently. I was thrilled with the service and cost and will certainly hire them again.

  • Pamela Hamilton

I needed some painting and decorating to be done in my living room and in the hallway and Local Handyman Merton managed to complete the job without any problems. They used high quality yet reasonably priced painting materials and quickly finished the job. Loved it!

  • Mark Holmes

It can be hard to find a reliable handyman service in the area and that's why I always recommend Merton Handyman Company when asked. They have handymen that are skilled in all sorts of trades from carpentry to electrical work and they can even do plumbing too! They have emergency handyman services that are really affordable. It's a great company with experienced handymen.

  • Roger Coombes